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Closed for November 2022



to our little Mexican restaurant.

We are a small restaurant specializing in Mexican and
Latin American cuisine. 

Choose from Mexican Birria to Honduran baleadas, Cuban Ropa Vieja, Panamanian Patacones and our homemade chocolate Mexican mole, 
all in the heart of Split.

we love tacos

Strawberry Marg.jpg
Carnitas Burrito.jpg
Al Pastor Tacos.jpg

as authentic
as we can.

Cooking Latin American food on the other side of the world can become difficult. It is important to us that the food that we create, is as authentic as we can, while using the most amount of local ingredients.

Although we are forced to import dried chiles such as Ancho, Guajillo, Arbol, and Chipotle, as well as Masa to make tortillas, and plantains for our Patacones, we keep the rest of our ingredients as local as possible, even growing our own cilantro, in case of shortage.

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 find us.

We are located in a tucked-away alley in the center of old town Split.
Follow the map if you are lost.

*Smart questions that will lead you to endless tacos: 'Where is the Temple of Jupiter?', 'Where is the 'let me pass' street?', 'Where is Jupiter Hotel?'. Once there, follow the sound of Mariachi, the smell of Chipotle, or you could just ask, they know.


Don't care for the map? Try 

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