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Mexican mole


Peanut butter & chocolate covered chicken. This is probably the best dish on the menu. Mole is a traditional Mexican dish, depending on what part of Mexico you are in. There's different types, like green mole or red mole, but this is by far my favorite. It is sweet, but give it a minute and you can start to feel that Ancho and Guajillo.

what's in my MOLE?

mole ingredients copy.jpg

The sauce demands attention but it is worth it. You toast those peanuts for one minute too long and you have to toss the whole thing out. (yep, it has happened more than once). We used to use ground Ancho and Guajillo, because it is all we could get in Split. But this year we got our hands on some real peppers, and it has taken it up a notch. 

Chicken Mole is vegetarian.

Yep, I know, I see it too. Traditional Mole calls for chicken broth, but we use veggie broth. We make the sauce on its own and then cook the chicken in it. However, we set aside some for our vegetarian friends, so they don't miss this treat. Top our chickpea tacos with it. Good stuff.


Cook these ingredients, stirring constantly, and add that chocolate. We use Croatian Dark chocolate.


I can smell this picture.

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