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nicaraguan chorizo


So yeah, chorizo is sausage. But we don't pack it up like the rest of the world does. We marinate it with chiles, achiote and spices for at least 24 hours, and then grill it. 

We chose Nicaraguan chorizo because that's the one my mom makes at home. It has a sourness to it, and packs a punch. We grill it and serve it on corn or flour tortillas, with refried beans, pico de gallo, and Honduran crema.

so, what's in my chorizo?

The key to Chorizo is a nice balance between vinegar, achiote, and strong spices like cumin and peppercorns. This recipe took us a bit to nail, it went from bland to coughing strong quick. Achiote already contains vinegar in it, as well as other sour ingredients like bitter orange, so one teaspoon too much and your dinner is ruined.

chorizo copy.jpg
Easy peasy.

Just mix well with ground pork (I do a 80/20 mix with pork fat). 


Toss on the grill, and top with beans, pico and crema. This is also pretty amazing as a breakfast dish. Drop a couple eggs on that, and uff. Saturday and Sunday Brunch coming soon!

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