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Take a trip to the outskirts of Split, to our garden on the Zrnovnica River, and experience To Je Tako's Jardin menu. Years ago, we took our love for Mexican food to the selo (Croatian for village), where we planted a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs and set up our Tako-Test kitchen. ​ 

Home to most of the recipes on the To Je Tako menu, our test-kitchen is constantly used to create new dishes, showcasing Croatia's seasonal organic produce with a Mexican twist.  We subscribe to "head-to-tail sustainability", making sure that we do not waste any part of any animal. Our ingredients are grown with integrity and absent of harmful chemicals. 


Enjoy our farm to table Mexican tapas, paired with Croatian wine,
and if that wasn't good enough, meet our village cats.

where mexican meets mediterranean

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from the ground up.

Meet Roko, the green thumb behind all of our fruits, vegetables and herbs. Tending to our garden everyday, and planting new ones as the seasons change, Roko is responsible for what is on your plate that day.


Tako Test-Kitchen Menu

tasting( sample menu

***Our menu is based on what is available at the moment, but our sample menu is an accurate depiction of our tasting menu.

Mexican-Mediterranean Fusion

cooking( sample class

Learn how to prepare Mexican-Mediterranean dishes, pick your veggies and spices in the garden, pair it to some of our wines and enjoy a relaxing hands on experience with our Jardin cooks and gardeners.

Book a tour at our Wine Garden Jardin!


Unfortunately, we are fully booked for the 2024 season.

now, please meet our cats.

The landlords of our Jardin demand an introduction. Doing little to nothing to help in our garden, and doing their best to annoy Roko as he tries to plant and care for our crops, Frank, Eleonor, Max, Feli, MJ, PJ, Benny, and Benitito allow us to enjoy their space, and we love them for it.


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